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Topic: ‘NullRefrenceExceptions’ halt regeneration

If you rename Real World Terrain elements (or, possibly, ungroup them from the 'RealWorldTerrain' empty GameObject created by RWT on initialization), it breaks their internal assignment for texture regeneration, et cetera, causing ‘NullRefrenceExceptions’ that halt regeneration.

Is there a way to handle this?

Mass renaming is a prerequisite to streaming in WorldBuilder, which is meant to be compatible with RWT.

Re: ‘NullRefrenceExceptions’ halt regeneration

I regenerated the tiles from scratch -- which meant starting over.  It's never good to get to the last step and realize you have to begin again, because the system won't handle a perfectly reasonable set of moves:  in my case, batch renaming to prepare for streaming.

Re: ‘NullRefrenceExceptions’ halt regeneration


If you open World Streamer (I think you meant this asset) from RWT Container / Finish, you will see a warning about it.
This operation is irreversible.

To work around this, just make a copy of your scene.
If you need to regenerate something, you open the backup scene, and regenerate what you need.

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Re: ‘NullRefrenceExceptions’ halt regeneration

Thanks Alex,

No, actually I saw this purely with RWT -- nothing to do with WorldStreamer.

That is, after renaming terrains I was no longer able to edit the terrain or textures with the RWT icons.

I have been able to do this in other cases, or I think I have.  But straight renaming is a problem for RWT in at least some circumstances.

Re: ‘NullRefrenceExceptions’ halt regeneration

Simple renaming of terrains can not break this, because objects still have the same Instance ID, and RWT Container does not lose references.
Just in case, I checked this, and after renaming it works correctly.
Most likely the problem is somewhat else.

Please attach a stack trace of exception.

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