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I know OnlineMaps has the ability to read GPX files (thanks for that), but I was wondering how I might go about this in RWT and then use this info to create EasyRoad objects? Do you have any suggestions? I'm not overly worried about parsing the GPX myself (although the OnlineMapsGPX object makes this process pretty painless in OLM), it's pushing this data to the EasyRoads plugin I'm confused about :-/

The reason being that I have a GPX file that provides much better quality route information of some cycle paths than the available OSM data for a particular area.

Any help or suggestions would be very gratefully received.



Sorry for the long answer.
We ported classes to work with GPX into RWT.
The new version will be available soon, we need to make one more thing from another thread.

You need to get a GPX route point, convert it to Unity World Point, create a new roadNetwork, and create a road based on points.

As an example you can look at:
RealWorldTerrainRoadGenerator.Generate and RealWorldTerrainRoadGenerator.CreateEasyRoads.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Brilliant - thank you