Topic: How to support Google Maps Platform.

Google Map APIs will be updated as Google Maps Platform.

Along with that, it is said that API calls without API key will no longer be supported after June 11, 2018.

My app uses Styled Google Maps according to the following document, but what do I have to do for the Google Maps Platform?

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Re: How to support Google Maps Platform.


It almost does not affect Online Maps because it relates to Google Maps API.
Online Maps has implementations of classes for these services using Google API key.
We just need to update a few examples for Directions and Geocoding API so that they use the key.

If you use Google Directions API or Google Geocoding API without a key, you will need to specify your key.
For the rest of Google Maps API, you always needed to use the key. So there is no need to make any changes.

If you want to use tiles with your key, use Google Maps Tile API: … e_requests

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Re: How to support Google Maps Platform.

Thank you for your advice.