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We start testing Online Maps v3.
The new version is already available through the built-in update system in "Channel - Beta".

Important: Import this into a new project or first remove Online Maps v2.
When updating assets, always make a backup of your project first.
Important: Online Maps v3 has major changes to the API, and most likely you will see a lot of obsolete warnings in the console. Do not panic. Your project will work well in 99% of cases without any changes.
Just follow the instructions in the warning to fix it.

The main list of changes is not large, but in fact almost 30-50% of the code has changed.
This is something like a huge refactoring, which is necessary for the further development and support of Online Maps with a some number of new features.

Main changes:
- Smooth zoom for all controls.
- Integration with EasyTouch and Touch Script.
- All the logic of markers, drawing element, tooltips, camera control, elevations is moved to separate components.
- Added support for ArcGIS and Mapbox elevations.
- The state saving system has been improved.
- Now you do not need to specify target for control. This is determined automatically.
- Support for DF-GUI and iGUI has been removed.

Online Maps v3 contains all the changes made for Online Maps v2.5.

Unfortunately, we cut out many unfinished features to force the beginning of testing.
We will continue to develop and add these features in future versions.

Online Maps v3 beta supports Unity 2017.1 or later.
Online Maps v3 final will support Unity v5.4 or newer.

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Infinity Code Team

Re: Online Maps v3 beta (2018.10.06)
[Elevations] Fixed error of getting elevation value if an error occurred while downloading elevation data.
[Inspector] Added check for zoom on enabled.
[Other] Implemented changes from Online Maps v2.5.36 - 2.5.41.
[Third-party] Updated Bolt Integration Kit. (2018.05.30)
[API] Fixed OnlineMapsControlBaseDynamicMesh.GetWorldPosition and OnlineMapsControlBaseDynamicMesh.GetWorldPositionWithElevation.
[Buffer] The buffer state now contains information about the coordinates of the corners of the map.
[Drawing] Debug information has been removed.
[Drawing] Optimized drawing lines.
[Inspector] Added the ability to invoke a redraw. (2018.05.22)
[Cache] Fixed unsubscribe of tile events when the cache or map is destroyed.
[Core] Fixed coordinate conversion into the screen position when the zoom is float.
[Elevations] Removed debug messages.
[Elevations] Fixed NullReferenceException when using Mapbox elevations. (2018.05.18)
[Core] Fixed map display with a size not equal to N * 512.
[Examples] Added What3WordsExample.
[Examples] Updated examples that used Google API without a key.
[Web Services] The methods that used Google API without a key are obsoleted.
[Web Services] For Google Geocoding and Directions API, constructors with a key were added. (2018.04.24)
[Buffer] The structures of the last and render states are added.
[Core] Now Online Maps Marker Manager and Online Maps Marker3D Manager are the required components.
[Elevations] Added support for ArcGIS elevations.
[Elevations] Added support for Mapbox elevations.
[Markers] Fixed display of 2D markers with float zoom.
[Providers] Added the ability to specify the version of tiles for Google Maps.
[Wizard] Now all the elevation managers are grouped.

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Infinity Code Team

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