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Topic: [2D Map] Marker overlap

I'm having a problem with the markers I'm using on my map. I'm using version
I'm using a 2D map with 2D Tileset markers that I add externally from a JSON file through an auxiliary script.
Recently, It was decided to embed an image (an infrastructural map) as a new marker and place it on the map and as you can see. I added the image through the inspector interface as 3 separate markers (one for each zoom level) and it ended up overlapping with one of my markers. Unfortunately, this prevents any kind of interaction with the marker "below".

Seeking a solution on your forums, I found a couple related questions but the solution presented there (re-arrange the order of the markers on the list) wasn't able to fix my problem.

Any way or workaround this problem?

A quick answer would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: [2D Map] Marker overlap


You have two ways to fix your problem:
1. Draw your image in a different way. For example, as overlay.
2. Use OnlineMapsTileSetControl.markerComparer to change the order of the markers.
See TilesetMarkerDepthExample example script.

P.S. Tileset is 3D map.

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Infinity Code Team.

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Re: [2D Map] Marker overlap

I ended up finding a workaround by changing the alignment of the "map-marker". It manipulated the collider area enough to "uncover" the other markers.
Thank you for the response regardless.