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Topic: A couple questions


I have a couple questions:

1. I am using the marker GPS example script (online maps location service script is active as well). But the marker does not update - I am using the asset for a android build. The app is not asking for permission of the GPS so it cant work. What are the settings for the manifest, or do I get it wrong? I want the players marker be updated on the current GPS position.

2. The save markers script http://infinity-code.com/atlas/online-m … ample.html says I can click on save markers, but there is no such option. Markers are not getting saved.

3. I want to get the markers positions from an xml file which is downloaded from a server. Does anyone here have experience using offline maps (which I do) with marker positions that are synched on a server?

4. I use the buildings demo scene as a start. How can I get rid of the search box on top and the zoom bar on the left? To which script is it attached?



Re: A couple questions


1. Usually, permissions for the Location Service are added automatically.
If this did not work for you, you can manually specify the required permissions:
or request this runtime:
https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReferenc … ssion.html

2. This is a description error.
It should be: call SaveMarkersExample.SaveMarkers.

3. If I answer your question, as you asked it - I have.
But most likely you wanted to know something else.
So please rephrase this question.

4. Remove Hierarchy / Canvas / Search Area and Big Zoom Area.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: A couple questions

2. So I have to call the save/load method? I tried with playmaker but cant see that method when using call method. Markers are not getting saved/loaded by default in my case.

3. When saving the markers they are getting saved locally in an xml file (if I understood correctly). To make it possible, that people can see the markers others have set, that xml file needs to synchronize with an xml file on a server. As this is not asset specific I just wanted to know if anyone has done sth like this and can give advice.

4. There is no canvas object in the hierarchy, only main camera and tileset map.

Re: A couple questions

2. These are examples of using the API, explaining how to write scripts.
You can try to call it this way:
Or you can independently implement this algorithm using Playmaker.

3. The example above saves the markers in PlayerPrefs.
This is just an example, and you can store markers anywhere.
Synchronization of markers between users is not a easy, and requires serious knowledge in server-side programming and working with databases.
Do you have such knowledge? If not, it will be difficult.

4. What version of Online Maps are you using?
For Online Maps v2.x, remove ExampleGUI script.

Kind Regards,
Infinity Code Team.

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Re: A couple questions

2. Yeah, thats what I did, but the method itself is not shown.
3. Yeah, I know its kind of a hrad task. I have a mate who is good at networking stuff.
4.Thanks, worked!