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Hello, What projection does the map use by default?
I added a series of points near the Arctic and the map was drawn into a regular circle. Shouldn't it be a stretched ellipse?
The North and South Poles should stretch. Should the circles drawn be stretched?
Thank you very much。

List<Vector2> polyList = new List<Vector2>()
            new Vector2(82.66599f, 81.30697f),
            new Vector2(74.36659f, 82.58331f),
            new Vector2(60.97482f, 82.9713f),
            new Vector2(48.66783f, 82.27274f),
            new Vector2(42.27214f, 80.82545f),

            new Vector2(41.33019f, 79.10966f),
            new Vector2(43.90862f, 77.46705f),
            new Vector2(48.56174f, 76.1094f),
            new Vector2(54.38786f, 75.16797f),
            new Vector2(60.79885f, 74.72003f),

            new Vector2(67.35206f, 74.79962f),
            new Vector2(73.63844f, 75.40077f),
            new Vector2(79.18523f, 76.47713f),
            new Vector2(83.33164f, 77.93685f),
            new Vector2(85.03754f, 79.62836f)

        OnlineMapsDrawingPoly poly = new OnlineMapsDrawingPoly(polyList,;

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Re: Map projection


Re: Map projection


For Yandex maps: WGS-84.
For the rest: WGS-84 Web Mercator.

I don't know how you got your coordinates.
So I can not be sure that they are not correct.

Here is my version of the script and a screenshot of the result.

using UnityEngine;

public class Circle : MonoBehaviour
    public float lng, lat;
    public float radius;
    public int segments = 32;

    private void Start()
        Vector2[] points = new Vector2[segments];
        float s = 360f / segments * Mathf.Deg2Rad;

        for (int i = 0; i < segments; i++)
            float x = Mathf.Cos(s * i) * radius + lng;
            float y = Mathf.Sin(s * i) * radius + lat;

            points[i] = new Vector2(x, y);

        OnlineMaps.instance.AddDrawingElement(new OnlineMapsDrawingPoly(points,;
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